Stones for Schools and Nayieso

I am proud to introduce you to the newest Stones for Schools necklace. I have named this design, Nayieso, which in Maasai means, “The One Who Belongs to God”.

The story of this stone necklace is as follows:

I met Nayieso Orumoi at Caroline and Jacob’s Boma in Loitoktok, Kenya in late November. Nayieso is eight years old and is in Class 3 at Empunit Primary School.

During the three days I spent at the Boma, I observed Nayieso helping with many chores such as, cooking, cleaning and child care. She is devoted to her grandmother, Tinken, with whom she lives and provides companionship while everyone is gone from the Boma to work.

On day two of my visit, Nayieso guided Caroline and myself down to the Msangairo River. Before the rain gathering system was installed at the Boma, this is where their water supply came from. While there I decided to search for a stone that I could use for a new Stones for Schools design. Nayieso was diligent in helping search for just the right one. She found it!

The sterling necklace comes with your choice of an 18″ or 30″ sterling ball chain. All proceeds from the sale goes towards Nayieso’s education. If you are interested in purchasing this necklace and helping with Nayieso’s education, please contact me through this blog, our website at (, or email