Water Mission International Partners with The KURA Project

I would like to share with you the start of something beautiful. Water Mission International with the help of a generous donor, is partnering with The KURA Project to bring safe water to Korr and Loitoktok, Kenya.

The photo’s from Korr depict WMI engineers speaking to local elders about the broken bore hole and the engineer testing the site.

Photo’s from Loitoktok show WMI collecting water from the Msangairo River to test and discussing with the elders the help needed from the community to make this project possible.

Cholera and deaths from dehydration are common in these regions so the gift of clean water will be life saving for these communities.

God willing, with help from our generous donor, Water Mission International and cooperation of the two communities, the people of Korr and Loitotok will have clean, safe water to drink in the not too distant future.

Thank you is simply not enough to express our gratitude for this opportunity.

Hadi wakati mwingine