Nayieso Sends Her Thanks

Eight year old Nayieso Orumoi from Loitokitok, Kenya found a stone at the Msangairo River not far from her home.


I took this stone and used it as a mold to make sterling silver necklaces. Many people purchased the “Nayieso” necklace. The money is being used to pay Nayieso’s school fees.


Here is Nayieso at Emunit Primary School sharing her appreciation.


Maple Street School Gives the Gift of Light

Maple Street School in Manchester, Vermont held a middle school dance on April 8, 2016 to raise funds to purchase solar lights for students in northern Kenya.

Most students in this impoverished area of the world do not have access to electricity. Therefore reading and doing homework at night is difficult or impossible. Studying is done over a fire where smoke impedes their vision and the light is not good.


Thanks to Maple Street School, 100 solar lights have been purchased and delivered to students at Logologo Primary,  Karare Primary, Namarey Primary, Mercy Primary and Cavarella Secondary. All located in Marsabit County in northern Kenya.

According to head teacher at Mercy Primary School, “I am hoping the student’s performance will be better come the end of the term because the pupils can now access light during the night”.

Enjoy the photos of the students and the smiles brought to 100 student’s faces on this day.

Hadi wakati mwingine