Water Mission International and the Struggle for Water in northern Kenya

Over the last year WMI and its engineers have been researching ways to help bring clean water along with more easily accessible water to Korr, Kenya.


I asked Kura if he would show and teach me more about the problem while I was here. This is what I learn:

Korr in Marsabit County lies in the arid lands of Kenya. Marsabit County is the most neglected area of Kenya with poverty rates of over eighty percent and less government support then any other area of Kenya.


There is no single running river in the entire Marsabit County. There are two rainy seasons, a long rain in April and a short rain in December. The short season usually fails as it has this year leaving the water situation in dire straits. People and livestock are suffering from dehydration and even death.

Women do the arduous work of carrying the water in jerry cans on their backs to and from their villages in 100 degree plus temperatures. One village is 2 kilometers away from the borehole, the second village is 3.5 kilometers away.


On the way to the borehole, we meet a woman named Seison Ngusa. She tells us that she has nothing and that her back is broken from juggling the carrying of children on her front, water on her back and going to town to get food each day. She wants to know if anyone cares.


We remain hopeful with help from WMI and a generous donor, a clean water system along with piping closer to the villages will be installed in the not too distant future.

Hadi wakati mwingine

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