Nayieso and her stone


It’s been just over a year since I walked down to the Msangairo River in Loitokitok, Kenya with eight year old Nayieso Orumoi where she found a special stone by the riverbed. I took this stone and used it as a mold to make sterling stone necklaces.


The good news today is many Nayieso necklaces have been sold with all the proceeds going towards her education.


I was excited to spend the day enrolling Nayieso in her new school, Rombo Primary School situated on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Rombo is a boarding school so she will now avoid the 5k walk to and from her home that was required of her up until now. Nayieso and her family are thrilled with her new school and happy she will be safe and well cared for at Rombo Primary.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased her necklace and supported her education. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these special necklaces, please contact me.


Have a great year Nayieso!

Hadi wakati mwingine

One comment

  1. Susan James · February 26, 2017

    I hope Nayieso is enjoying her classes at Rombo Primary School. When I wear my “Nayieso” necklace I get a lot of compliments of “What a beautiful necklace”. Thank you Nayieso for finding the stone in the river and many thanks to Sarah for making the silver necklace.


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