I have arrived!

After a 17 hour flight from Boston via Paris, I have arrived in Nariobi, Kenya. Tomorrow is shopping day. We will make the three hour drive to Nanyuki to collect AFRIpads, purchase a generator, and basic supplies such as water and tea for our 4+ hour trip to Marsabit County in northern Kenya. There will be no network available while in the north so future blog posts will be delayed.

Attachment-1 (25)

I am looking forward to KURA’s 2017 Mentorship Program that will take place in Ngurunit, a beautiful mountain village in northern Kenya. Sixty students from the Samburu and Marsabit County region will be in attendance. Three professional mentors have been hired to deliver a program for KURA’s 31 sponsored students along with 30 students from Ngurunit. This program will address health related issues that pertain to this region. An Opportunity Kit(reusable menstrual pad, underwear and soap) delivery to Ngurunit Primary School is also scheduled to take place.

Stay tuned as I make my way to northern Kenya and the beautiful desert communities I have grown to love.

Hadi wakati mwingine

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