The Mentorship Program continues –

Today is a busy one in Ngurunit with over 60 students, both boys and girls, in attendance at our workshops. A full day of activities ensues with thirty additional students from the local village joining in on the learning and the fun.

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Before the program begins, surveys are given to each student asking questions regarding knowledge of the topics being presented and topics they are most interested in learning about. It was noted the topic they most wanted most to learn about was Female Genital Mutilation and its effects.

FGM is a practice still followed by many in northern Kenya with little knowledge about the effects. I am proud to say one of our male students stood up and spoke to the group. He announced he will not condone this practice and will not choose to marry a girl who is circumcised.

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When the workshop was completed a post survey was given. Each student was asked to write a letter to a future KURA student telling them what they learned in the last two days. We were rewarded with thoughtful, well-written feedback. Most every student reported how much they enjoyed the Mentorship Program, how they now have the information to make informed decisions regarding, how they will benefit from what they learned and that they will bring this information back to their villages and share with family and friends.

That evening, popular Kenyan musician, Saningo, treated students, mentors, and the entire village of Ngurunit to a live performance. Everyone danced the night away.

A special thank you to Bill and Linda Drunsic, Karen and Jim Rowley and the KURA Project board of Directors for making the 2017 Mentorship Program possible.

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Hadi wakati mwingine

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