Opportunity Kit delivery

Today is Opportunity kit delivery day to Ngurunit Primary School girls. Kits will also be given to each girl attending KURA’s Mentorship Program. The kits include an AFRIpads kit (four reusable pads), a pair of underwear and soap for washing. The pads with proper care will last a girl a year or more.

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Due to the level of poverty in this region many girls have difficulty affording basic menstrual hygiene products. The result is many girls stay home from school all together. This becomes problematic because missing school for 5+ days each month causes them to fall behind in their studies. This often leads to dropping out and being put at risk for early marriage.

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The KURA Project’s mission is to provide OPPORTUNITY for girls in the marginalized areas of Marsabit and Samburu Counties to stay in school, get the education they deserve and become the best they can be.

A special opportunity presented itself on this particular delivery in Ngurunit. The headmaster from Ngurunit Primary asked if one of KURA Project’s Sponsored students could speak to his girls about the importance of working hard in school. You see, many of his students, due to poverty and the inability to pay secondary school fees, have no hope of pursuing an education beyond Primary School. I asked KURA Project student, Rose, who will begin her Form Four year in 2018, if she would speak to the girls from Ngurunit Primary about her life experiences. and why she feels education is so important.

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Rose comes from the village of Korr in northern Kenya. She is 16 years old and the only educated one in her family. Her father brought her to Primary School and Rose worked hard. However, when it came time to move on to secondary school, Rose was told there was no money for school fees and she would be married off to a much older man and live the life that comes with that. Rose did not give up hope. She wanted more for herself. Rose was given an opportunity through the KURA Project and the generosity of a sponsor from the United States. Her appreciation to the KURA Project and her sponsor for giving her this opportunity is difficult for her to put into words. Rose, thank you for sharing your story and inspiring these girls to stay in school and work hard. You have proved with determination and perseverance, everything is possible.

Many people are to be thanked for supporting the delivery of KURA’s Opportunity kits. and keeping the girls in school. These donations allow us to purchase a reusable menstrual hygiene product that is sustainable, comfortable and reliable, thus giving girls the opportunity for an uninterrupted education.

These photos of thanks are just a sampling of the many people behind the scenes making these distributions possible. Thank you is not enough.

Hadi wakati mwingine

One comment

  1. debhallett · January 7, 2018

    Looks like you are having a very successful visit back in Kenya. Sending prayers and wishes to all of you. Kids look amazing.


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