KURA’s Educational Sponsorship Program

In Kenya, Secondary school education is not free and once a child finishes Primary School (grade 8) school fees must be paid to continue on. If the family is poor and fees cannot be paid, their child’s educational opportunities end. Sadly, girls in northern Kenya without an education face the dangers of early marriage often times to men much older then themselves. Boys will face a life of little opportunity other then the life their parents led of being pastoralists. With the extreme drought conditions in this region and with predictions of the drought becoming worse, most families have lost a significant percentage of their livestock and their livelihood is threatened.


In 2014 the KURA Project began supporting very poor but bright students from Marsabit County through secondary school. We started with four students. Today with the help of generous sponsors, the KURA Project assists 32 students from Marsabit and Samburu Counties. With the help of private donors, KURA supports 80% girls and 20% boys finance their secondary school education.

JPEG image-E053CBE6DCDF-1Most of KURA’s students come from a one -parent household. Others are orphans missing both parents. Their personal stories are heart wrenching. However, nothing gives more hope to these children then the opportunity of an education. Education is the one thing that can never be taken from them and possibilities open up if they have a secondary school education.

On December 29 – 31, thirty-one KURA students throughout Marsabit and Samburu Counties gathered together in Ngurunit for KURA’s second annual Mentorship Program. I have looked forward since last December for the chance to be with them again. We shared time together during the Mentorship Program, I gave many of them photos and stories of their sponsors, and watched them bond as the KURA Project family I have dreamed of them becoming.

Attachment-1 4

A special thank you to the generous sponsors who have given the gift of education to a student who otherwise it would not have been possible for. I can tell you first hand, each and every one of them is grateful. Letters are on their way to you expressing their personal thanks.

If anyone reading this is interested in sponsoring a KURA student from northern Kenya, please contact me. There are many more children waiting for this opportunity.

Enjoy the happy faces!

Hadi wakati mwingine (Until next time)

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