Kagumo High School & Samuel

After a 300-kilometer/186 mile drive from Nairobi, I arrive at Kagumo High School in Kiganjo, Kenya. The weather is cooler then I have experienced on previous visits to Kenya as it is now considered to be winter here. I guess the temperature to be around 70 degrees F.

Kagumo High School is an all boys’ boarding school where Form 1 (first year) student, Samuel, attends. KURA proudly supports secondary school funding for qualified boys and girls – 80% girls and 20% boys.

I look forward to meeting Samuel as I have only had the opportunity to know him through photos and recommendations. Samuel is from the village of Baragoi in Samburu County, northern Kenya. His single mother does her best to feed and support her four children but because of poverty she is completely unable to afford the fees needed for Samuel’s secondary school education.

Samuel and his mom

I arrive on a Saturday when classes are not in session but plenty is going on. As I drive in through the school gate, I see many boys in school uniforms huddled together in a small open building. I am told they are all waiting to make calls to their families.

Kagumo High School - Samuel

Kagumo is an attractive campus consisting of separate buildings and nice landscaping. As I get into the heart of the campus I observe many boys getting tea and bread for their mid morning snack. Others are in classrooms studying for their upcoming exams that begin on Monday.  Academics are serious here and there is a strong tradition of academic excellence at this national secondary school where 90% of the students go on to university.

Me and Samuel

I finally see Samuel and we greet each other warmly.  He is a bit shy and soft spoken but this is to be expected.  We head to the administration block to sit down to talk. Samuel shares with me he is happy at school and that he currently has a B+ average which is an extremely good mark in this competitive school. His favorite subject is Physics. He especially enjoys the experiments they perform in this class.

Samuel also shares his daily academic schedule, which includes 8-11 subjects per day:

5 a.m. – Study period

6 a.m. – Breakfast consisting of 4 pieces of bread and tea

6:30 a.m. – Classes begin

2 classes

10:00 – 10 min. break

2 classes

11:00 – tea break

3 classes

Lunch – maize and beans

2:00 – 3 classes

4;00 – break until 6:00 – games, sports, etc.

6:00 – supper (30 min.) – Ugali (maize)

Samuel tells me all 200 students live in a one-room dormitory.  The students are assigned to clean the dormitory every Thursday and Saturday.

There is a month long break coming up and Samuel plans on spending his time back in Baragoi helping his family with the herding of their animals and reading.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring the secondary school education of a student like Samuel, please contact me. There are many more needy children waiting for this opportunity. Sponsoring a student, changes a life, a family, a community.

Samuel by his desk

Hadi wakati mwingine

The KURA Project – Making Dreams Come True through Education

I will be making my way from Nairobi north to Marsabit, with stops along the way to various Secondary boarding schools. My mission is to visit a variety of the schools our 32 KURA Project students currently attend through our Educational Sponsorship Program.

I plan to speak to the head of each school as well as each student to learn as much as I can about their school and how KURA can best support them though their secondary school experience.

Attachment-1 (27)I will also visit prospective KURA students, currently in their final year of Primary School. All of our students have been selected for our program in conjunction with the Headmasters Association of northern Kenya and based on several factors:

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Poverty level
  3. Resident of northern Kenya

In addition, I will also be reporting and participating in an Opportunity Kit (reusable menstrual pads, underwear and soap) delivery to Lerata Primary School in Samburu.

Follow my journey from the city of Nairobi, through the mountainous regions of Mt. Kenya to the drylands of northern Kenya and learn along with me.

Hadi wakati mwingine (Until next time)