Opportunity kit distribution to women in the Lependera Village of Ngugrunit

On our way back from Lake Turkana we make a stop at the sweet mountainside village of Lependera in Ngugrunit to deliver KURA Project Opportunity kits to women here.


I am excited to witness first hand this delivery to women who have never owned a reusable pad, a disposable pad or a pair of underwear before. Animal skins and more recently rags is what has been used. They describe the discomfort of managing their menstrual cycles up to this point and express their sincere appreciation through singing, handshakes and words of thanks for this donation.

Along with the donation, instruction is given on the use and care of the pads that will last a year or more. We look forward to getting feedback from the women who along with their daughter’s are in need of this basic necessity.


We believe in every woman’s right to go through her monthly cycle with dignity. Thank you donors and supporters of KURA for making this delivery possible and making their life a bit easier now.



Maple Street School Soccer Jersey donation to students in northern Kenya

Thanks to Perrin Marion and Maple Street School faculty, friends and families, students from Loiyangalani Primary School now have soccer jerseys for both a girls and boys soccer team.

They were thrilled with this donation and will proudly sport the Maple Street School moose during their soccer matches going forward. This is one animal you will NOT find in Kenya.


Hadi wakati mwingine

Home visit to Lependera Village, Ngugrunit, Kenya

Today we make a visit to the home of one of our newest sponsored students, Florence. Florence’s father is no longer living and this home is everything her family has. School fees are completely unaffordable as day to day living is the task at hand.


Unfortunately, Florence was not home at the time of our visit but it was heartwarming to meet her mother who was overcome by tears of gratitude for the gift of education for her daughter. She was assured everything will be taken care of.


This is just another example of how  The KURA Project Sponsorship Program is making a difference. Many things can be taken from a person but once you have an education, no one can take that from you.

Thank you Martha and Bill for your investment in Florence’s education.

Hadi wakati mwingine

Happy New Year from LoiyangalaniğŸŽ‰

Loiyangalani feels like a combination of Oz and Wonderland. Any minute I expect one of the seven dwarfs or a munchkin to step out of the little thatched huts located at the resort we are staying. Here we will spend the next two days. Palm trees and these adorable huts make up this charming village resort.


We make an Opportunity kit delivery to Loyangalani Primary School. Much joy and appreciation is shown for this donation of 30 reusable pads, underwear and soaps. A demonstration of use and care of the pads is given along with a survey to the girls for feedback of our impact.

Thank you donors and supporters. Without your belief in our work, deliveries such as this would not be possible.


Hadi wakati mwingine

Drive to Turkana continued…

Continuing north we pass the giant wind turbine field being constructed. Soon 365 turbines will be in operation and will provide 30% of the power for Kenya…amazing.


Finally we reach Lake Turkana. Wow! This enormous jade colored lake is simply breathtaking.


Travel is difficult as we wind our way along the bumpy stone covered roads with temperatures reaching upwards of 100 degrees. One of our vehicles breaks down. After about 20 minutes, it has been repaired and we reach our destination, the magical village of Loyangalani.

Hadi wakati mwingine

Drive to Lake Turkana

Today I along with Kura’s family, begin our journey to Lake Turkana.

The four hour drive from Korr takes us through Illaut, one of the oldest towns in northern Kenya. We stop here to check out the borehole where the people come take their water. It was disturbing to see this is the only option for water in this remote, arid village. People suffer many issues due to unclean water, the largest being abdominal discomfort. Typhoid, tiniea, amoba and during extreme seasons, cholera.

Hadi wakati mwingine

KURA Project Student Spotlight

Diana Natabo Lekupes is one of KURA Project’s newest sponsored students for the 2017 year.

Diana is fifteen years old and an orphan from Turkana, Kenya. Both Diana’s parents died in an attack from those who were fighting because of livestock.

Diana along with her two sisters lived on the streets of Loyganlani until she met Antonella and Lawrence Lekupes who took her to an orphanage school in Meru. Since then the Lekupes’s have adopted Diana but have many children of their own and cannot provide the school fees for her.

The KURA Project and her sponsor are proud to be able to provide this gift of education to this bright young girl whose abilities would otherwise have gone untapped.

Hadi wakati mwingine


Sponsored Students

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with KURA Project’s 17 sponsored students.

I interviewed many of them for a video I am planning on producing. Hearing their stories is a continued reminder of the good work we are doing. Each student expressed sincere gratitude for the gift of an education that otherwise would not be possible for them.

The need for sponsorships is real with MANY heartbreaking requests for help. Education is very important to people of this region. Even the illiterate realize the value of education for their children.

If anyone reading this is interested in sponsoring a student from northern Kenya, please contact me. Many things can be taken from a person, however, once given an education, no one can take it away.

Thank you for considering this gift of hope to a child in northern Kenya.img_4593

KURA Project’s Mentorship Program

Today is a big day in Korr. The KURA Project’s 17 sponsored students along with 30 students from the local village experienced the first ever KURA Project Mentorship Program.

Three mentors from Samburu gave sessions covering topics such as self esteem, teenage pregnancy, career opportunities and FGM to name a few. It was exciting to watch the students throughly engaged in learning about topics they have not had the opportunity to be exposed to before. This first time program exceeded our expectations with positive feedback from everyone involved. The students promised to share what they learned with the people of their villages. We look forward to offering this program again next year.

Hadi wakati mwingine

I Have Arrived!

*Internet access has been difficult as  I have been traveling to remote areas without service. Let me start catching you up.

Today Kura, Biko(Kura’s nephew) and myself are making our way north. With an early start in Nairobi, our goal is to reach Korr before dark.

We made stops in Nanyuki, Isiolo and Archers Post.

Along the way I am surprised to see so much wildlife beside the new tarmac. Baboons, giraffe, warthogs, ostrich and gazelles were spotted along with breathtaking views of the mountains.

After 7 hours, we reach Korr and the newly constructed home Kura has built for his family. I am once again joyfully reunited with my Kenyan family.

Tonight I will meet with KURA Project’s 17 sponsored students along with the mentors and the start of the very first KURA Project mentorship program.

Hadi Waikato mwingine